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Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas Okay. Okay. Okay.Whew.I need a breather now.That was the most sexually disturbing novel I've ever read. This book probably shouldn't even exist and I, sure as hell, should not have enjoyed it. But I did. And obviously, I'm fucked up. Or don't have enough sex. Or SOMETHING.I don't know why I liked it. There is no romance. Only sadistic dominance and sexual control. But I seriously enjoyed this book. I didn't think I'd like it. My friend, Sunshiny Me, said she didn't want to recommend it. She warned me before I started the book that it would be rough. But did that stop me? No. And I'm oddly glad it didn't.This book was intense. I couldn't put it down. I read this book in under two hours. TWO HOURS. It is addicting, fascinating, perverted, (sexy), obsessive, creepy, mind-boggling and just down crazy.I'm going to give the advice that was given to me:BE WARNED. THIS BOOK IS NOT FLOWERY. THE CHARACTERS ARE NEVER GOING TO BE FLOWERY. LOVE IS NOT IN THE CARDS. So if you want a novel that will question your sanity, but keep you reading all the same, pick this up.