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Brook Street: Rogues

Rogues - Ava March As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!I really, really liked this book! The entire series was very enjoyable. Rogues is the third and final book in the Brook Street Trilogy. With as much as I loved the first two books, I was worried that the finale would not live up to the prequels. My doubt was in vain, Rogues did not disappoint!The second book is still my favorite, but this one was wonderful as well. It had a great, realistic plot and characters that you could really fall in love with. In book two, I loathed the character Linus Radcliffe, but he really stepped up to the plate in this novel. He turned out to be a sweet, emotion-filled character unlike the ogre I had perceived him as. His love interest, Mr. Robert Anderson, was also very sweet and a misguided man. To read as they realized their feelings, deepest desires and hopes for the future, I couldn't help but to swoon!The writing is just as good as in the previous novels. It's very simple, but not in a way that will make you hit your head against a wall. Ms. March writes the story as if painting a picture. The imagery is wonderful and she has a real knack for creating beloved characters. I had no real problems with this book, it just wasn't my favorite. I couldn't point out anything wrong, but nothing was. The author is a phenomenal storyteller.The book wasn't as angst-ridden as I had hoped after reading the blurb, but I enjoyed it none the less. In fact, I again couldn't put the book down. Every time I planned to stop, something drew me back in. I ended up reading this very quickly (not a big surprise with my reading habits) and was sad to see it end.I'm pretty sure I stated this in my review of book two, but I love cameo appearances. And there were a couple mentions of past characters, but I was surprised to find a specific couple played a large role in this book. I didn't remember reading them before, but I thought it was odd that Ms. March would bring them up and not give them a story. Then I discovered that it is the very beginning to the entire Brook Street Trilogy. Their story is the prequel to the series, also known as "Brook Street #0.5." So while I am sad to be finished with Ben, Cavin, Oscar, Julian, Linus and Rob, I'm happy I'll have one more story to read!I have only read three of Ava March's stories, all of them from the same series, but if they are anywhere as near as wonderful as this series was, I will definitely have an interest in them!