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Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall Have you ever seen the music video for Blink-182's song First Date? In the video, there's a scene where Tom (the lead singer of this song) just looks around and mouths "What the f*ck" with this confused look on his face. (It's such a hilarious video. If you haven't watched it, you should go here and remedy that.)That's me while reading this book (without the awesomeness of being Tom DeLonge).This was a clusterf*ck. I have no other words to describe it. I read the entire thing hoping that it would pick up, or something interesting would happen. I was really looking forward to it because I like book porn (or as the sophisticated people call it "erotica"), I like Alice in Wonderland and I like dark, moody, sexy guys. I (reluctantly) guess this had all of those things, but it was scattered and bizarre and definitely not the dirty retelling that I was hoping for. I really don't even understand what I just read. The author had a good idea, but the shortness of the book did nothing for it. Had it been expanded and the characters fully developed maybe I would've liked it. That's a big maybe though. I didn't like the way the story read either. The third person perspective did nothing for me in this case. Le sigh.I feel like I'm the mad one after reading that book. (I couldn't help it. I love me some puns.)