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Maybe Tonight? - Bridie Clark 1.5 StarsMaybe, Tonight? was not the book for me. While the cover caught my eye, the content lost my interest and never was able to pull me back in.Have you ever played a galge video game, or ever read a magazine that gives you situations and based on which you choose, you go to answer a specific question after that? (Did that sentence even make sense?) This book is like that. We are put in the life of a character, who has just entered a prestigious boarding school, and we the readers get to decide what decisions she makes. The main character is basically a puppet on a string who life is decided by the choices we make. Maybe, Tonight? is unlike anything I've ever read before, and that's not necessarily a good thing.It's… interesting, but I found it difficult to read because I had to flip around so much and miss entire sections of the books. It felt… wrong just skipping around and leaving so many pages unread. I'd never read anything like this! I had no idea that books like this even existed, so that may be from where much of my struggle developed. It was very different for the normal of literature today, and it wasn't written well enough to truly engage me as a reader. It was sloppy--the situations were unrealistic, over-the-top and extremely romance focused.It doesn't help that none of the choices are ones that I would make myself. There are two options at the end of each chapter. When you make a decision, that will lead you to the next chapter of your "situation." Of the two options, I chose ones that I was more likely to make, but they still were not ones that I would act on and that annoyed me a lot. Readers could find it difficult to connect to this novel because they don't agree with, and can't relate to, any of the actions of the main character. The options are the extreme of both options: go out to dinner with the nerdy boy and his cousin, or hit on her best friend's ex-boyfriend? Either way, you are led into a crazy adventure that made little sense, and seemed almost impossible.The characters in this novel were also very vapid, shallow beings. They are all rich (besides the main character), boy obsessed, looking to be famous, scandalous, etc. I didn't enjoy reading about them, I didn't care what happened to them and they really did not feel realistic. None of them were formed well enough to three-dimensional, not even the main character. The book moved too quickly for anyone to fully develop. Each full story is maybe one-hundred pages, so there is no time to really bond with the characters, or get a feel for the setting. It's in and out faster, making Maybe, Tonight? more of a teaser than a full story.Books of this nature are not for me, I've discovered. I'm pretty shocked that there is going to be a sequel--at least, it definitely left off at a point where a sequel seems inevitable. I most likely will not be reading it. This book felt very messy to me, and didn't leave the mark that I had hoped it would. This kind of novel would suit younger teenagers very well, though this novel has some pretty mature themes like drinking, drugs and hints at sexual abuse so I recommend treading with caution.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review.This review can be seen here on my blog as well.