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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter How about I let Harry Styles explain my feelings about the ending of this novel?There will be a proper review. Once Harry and I can understand all the emotions.ETA:As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!My mind is still reeling from that ending. I had to listen to One Direction for two hours before I felt a little better. (Judge me, if you must, but they have lovely accents AND pretty faces AND catchy lyrics AND THEY ARE SO FUNNY.) Now, after sleeping and waking up and thinking about that ending some more, I'm still upset. I think once you read this book, you will feel the same way. I don't remember a whole lot about the first book, to be honest. I probably should have read it before this one, but shoulda-woulda-coulda. I still really, really enjoyed Goddess Interrupted. Book one, The Goddess Test, left me by no means obsessed, but I was curious about how the series would continue. I'm glad that I did not write off the series!I'm still uncomfortable with the gods' and goddesses' name changes, but in my head, I tried to read them as their original titles. Calling Hades, Henry and Zeus, Walter just seems a bit blasphemous to me. It's an interesting and original idea, but I doubt that Grecians would approve. That's really my only issue with this book. I had to write down the true names of the gods and what they were called in the novel because I would mix them up more often than not. Besides that snag, I loved this book.I will have to go reread The Goddess Test now because I really don't understand why I didn't really love it. There isn't one hundred percent accuracy in this story, but it's fiction, not a textbook. Mythology has been an interest of mine since childhood, Greek mythology specifically. (I was a HUGE fan of Disney's Hercules.) So this twist to the ancient tales was very cool! From the moment I heard about this series, and the one that Meg Cabot is currently writing, I was very excited. Both of the first books in these two series left me wanting, but I knew I would continue. While I haven't read book two in Ms. Cabot's series yet, I loved Goddess Interrupted. I keep saying that I know, but seriously… Go read it.BUT BE WARNED. If you aren't a fan of cliffhangers and you don't think you can wait until APRIL 2013 to read the final novel because you don't handle cliffies well, wait to read book two. Because I'm seriously STILL dying over what happened. DYING, I TELL YOU!I think this is a fun series, but parts of it are for older teens. It's not necessarily graphic, but there is a section of the book with implied sex scenes and some cursing. Nothing to heavy, but some maturity is necessary. I will definitely be continuing with this series, in fact I'm about to start reading book "2.5" The Goddess Legacy, which will be released in mid-July. So keep an eye out for that and happy reading!