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Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt If Wendy cried, I'm 87% sure that there will be a new river in the world after I finish reading this.ETA:New river. It needs a name.Full review possible, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I may not be able to do it justice. Just know that I cried so hard that my stomach hurt.ETA2: A review! As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!There is probably nothing I can say that will do this novel justice.From the moment I picked up Tell the Wolves I'm Home, I knew it was going to either break me, or bore me. Luckily, it broke me. That may not sound like something to be happy about but this book deals with a subject that is extremely controversial, at the time it is set in and even now, and if it hadn't been emotional, it wouldn't have been good. Tell the Wolves I'm Home explored an idea that I've never read about, or even heard of another writing. Guys… This book is utterly beautiful. Everything about it. It's emotionally gripping. It has a steady plot that will suck you in and make it so, so hard to put down. And it has characters that are realistic. They all have faults. They all have lives and they all dealing with a horrible tragedy in their own ways.I was recommended this by Wendy Darling. Obviously, she knows me super well seeing as she recommended me three of my favorite novels of 2012. Though of the three, this one has to be my favorite. Everything about this novel just clicked for me. It had its issues, yes, but Tell the Wolves I'm Home felt like so much more than just a story. Have you ever read a book and just connected like the characters so well that you felt like you were reading about your friends? Like you could feel their lives and their hopes and their struggles? And by the end of the book, you have so much trouble letting go because you've come to know and love and grow with that person? This is that book for me. It felt like a person, like a friend.While it felt like it was told from the perspective of a girl younger than age fourteen, I couldn't help but completely immerse myself in the world that June saw. Her heartbreak, her angry, her love. It's rough just being a teenager, but June's situation is more than just the regular teenage angst. She has also just lost the man who was her godfather, her uncle and her best friend. I have been lucky enough in my life to never have gone through a loss like June's, but Ms. Brunt's writing made it so easy to connect to June and actually feel what she felt, that I almost believed that I, too, had lost the person I loved most in the world. There were several times in this story where I was crying (or snot-sobbing…whatever), but the last two chapters had me biting my lips to keep in the gasping, watery cries that I wanted to release. Tell the Wolves I'm Home is probably one of the greatest novels that I've ever read. It's gritty. It makes you feel. It gives you a new perspective on a subject that pretty much everyone knows about, but not many people truly understand. Tell the Wolves I'm Home will make you think, give you aches and probably have you questioning some of stereotypes that you've followed. It was such an emotionally gripping story that I can pretty much ignore all of its faults.So if you need an emotional read, that has a controversial, beautiful plot, read this. It's perfection. Utterly brilliant perfection. As soon as I finished it, I bought copies for my family and one for myself. It immediately found a place in my heart and I'm so thankful to Wendy for recommending it to me because Tell the Wolves I'm Home has helped in giving me a new and better outlook on life.