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Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsGlow had one most interesting concepts I've ever heard of. A world based in the future, where people from the dying Earth send out two spaceships to see if they can survive and thrive in space and have a future rather than die out on Earth.Glow tells the story of a young girl named Waverly, her boyfriend, Kieran and the attack on their spaceship home, the Empyrean. The attack is led by the twin spaceship called the New Horizon. Basically, everyone is infertile on the New Horizon, but the women on Empyrean are fertile myrtles, so the adults on the New Horizon want to take the young girls and make them have kids, or steal their eggs to give others onboard children. There's a lot more to the plot, but pretty much anything after this sentence would be a spoiler. Some of the plot points in this story, while interesting disturbed me to my core and made me immediately dislike the book.I honestly couldn't stand any of the characters. There was no connection between us. Waverly and Kieran especially. They were weak and annoying by the end of this book. I wanted all of space to just blow up, an impossible feat, I know, but that's how sick of this book I was. Most of the story disgusted me to the point of intrigue. I had to keep going, even though I wanted to shove the book away from me.So much could've been done with this story, but I felt like the author tried to make it too extreme. The constant mentions of God and the fact that two of the main characters tried to portray their idea of God was annoying and ridiculous to me. That is not what I wanted when I picked this up. I expected an awesome sci-fi book with teen romance and a lot of action. I didn't even think about the love triangle, which makes no sense to me, either. Plus, both of the boys she has an interesting in a jerks. You sure know how to pick them, Waverly.This book was a mess. I read this a few weeks ago and I still just can't get passed my harsh feelings toward forced pregnancy. I understand that without that point, there wouldn't be much of a plot, but it just didn't seem handled correctly. Add on the whole God complex idea and I think the book went overboard. The adult main characters are sick. They might think they mean well, but what they are doing is wrong and unjust. I cannot think beyond that. Many people have enjoyed this book, but it was not for me at all. I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series, the most I will do is check spoilers to find out who Waverly is going to end up with, Douche A or Douche B.