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The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Once upon a time, I read a Twilight fanfiction story about a girl, Bella, brought to an alien planet to become the queen of a dying alien race. She goes through trials and hardships, falls in love with an alien king, Edward, and eventually helps save the world. The story was Written in the Stars and the author was Lissa Bryan. I adored that fanfiction piece, still do. Ms. Bryan seems to just breathe compelling story lines because I enjoyed The End of All Things just as much as Written in the Stars.In the not-so-distant future, everyone who got the Infection either died, or was changed because of the severe affect the illness had on their brains. Carly has only seen one normal, living person since she hid away from the Infection in her apartment. The person, is an ex-soldier named Justin. Justin's presence frightens her at first, but as they get to know each other, they fall in love. Once Justin is able to convince Carly that they need to get out of Alaska, they encounter desperate thieves, dangerous villains, an unwanted pregnancy and make new friends on an epic adventure to find a place in this highly dangerous world where they can live safely and thrive.I loved the characters! Justin was an absolutely awesome companion for Carly during the apocalypse not only because of his survival skills, but because he is a genuinely good person. You could tell that he really grew to care for Carly as a friend, before he started falling in love with her, and hated when he couldn't help someone they saw as they continued their journey, but he always made decisions that needed to be made. His knowledge on survival actually taught me something, too! It would probably take me longer to die now! Score! Carly was a good main character as well. She's my age, which made it easier to relate to her emotions and actions. I enjoyed reading from both of their perspectives, especially as the tension grew and their relationship developed. I not only rooted for them to survive, but for them to take advantage of the time they had together and realize that they cared for each other beyond just being traveling companions.This book was good. Really good. Really, really good. I was hooked immediately and finished it in a few hours because I didn't want to put it down. Everything about it sucks you in. The writing style and setting reminded me a lot of the movie, The Mist, which is based off of the novella written by Stephen King. That may sound random, but it really felt like they could be in the same world, ya know… minus the flesh-eating monsters. Reading this from start to finish wasn't hard. In fact, it seemed to fly by and by the end, I wished it had been longer! The End of All Things is addictive and absolutely brilliant. The readers will be so drawn in that they have to continue because they just have to know how it ends.There is going to be continuation of The End of All Things titled The Beginning. Lissa Bryan says it will be a extension of Carly and Justin's story, but there isn't a release date yet. I definitely will be reading it! This world that the author created has really left an impression on me and I'm not ready to let it go. Plus, I would like to see how the author expands the story and what is next in store for Carly, Justin and their child.I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.