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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer I hate anyone who has read this book before me.I am dying for it. DYING, I SAY.ETA:As seen on Book Jems!Scarlet is the novel that I was most anticipating of 2013 and with good reason, Ms. Meyer's debut, Cinder is one of my all time favorite books! I had high hopes for this novel and luckily, they were surpassed. Scarlet was a wonderful follow up that was extremely difficult to put down even though I started it during what has been my busiest school week thus far!In Scarlet, we are introduced to several new characters, including one whom the book was named. Scarlet Benoit's beloved grandmother is missing. She's brought it to the attention of the police, but there have been no leads and the professionals have given up. When a dangerous man, who calls himself Wolf, offers his help, she's reluctant, but slowly comes around to the idea. While on the other side of the world, Cinder is escaping with the help of an unlikely ally and in search of answers about her past. These two girls will come together to learn things they never thought possible.I love these characters! Of course, seeing Cinder and Kai again made me happy, but Scarlet, Wolf and Captain Thorne were fantastic additions. Captain Thorne brought in some much needed humor, while Wolf and Scarlet gave us insight into the ways of other parts of this futuristic Earth live. They were great characters that were really enjoyable to read about. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy the point-of-view switches between books, but after reading this novel, I am glad the author did what she did. Ms. Meyer skillfully brings her readers back into this creatively woven journey. I loved reading about France this time. Seeing new perspectives in a story is often beneficial. In the case of Scarlet, I think it was important in tying together the setting. It really helped in filling out the world that the author brought to life in Cinder.There were a few minor inconsistencies and a bit of predictability, but beyond that, I have no qualms with this book. Seriously, nothing bad comes to mind. In fact, any time I think about Scarlet, I just start thinking about Cress and how long we have to wait until it is released! It is impossible for me to think negatively about this book!Scarlet is another Marissa Meyer book to go on my "best books ever" shelf! This novel did nothing but make me love the author even more! Scarlet is a fascinating, captivating read that will leave its audience (including me) dying for the third book!