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The Keeper - Natalie Star Review as seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5/5 StarsI was given this book from the author to review. I'd like to say thank you to Natalie Star for the opportunity.The plot in this novel was so creative and fun. It was unique and filled with unexpected twists. The characters were pretty easy to like, though at first I had a lot of trouble understanding Billie, the main character. There were a few parts where I would've like to know more about what she was thinking and others where I thought the author had too much description for such a little detail. Her motives were hard to understand when it came to her three love interests and that was one reason that I had trouble falling in love. Also, the way the author wrote out the character, Tony's accent was very distracting. Personally, I didn't like it.The plot moved a little too quickly. It was interesting and I really enjoyed it, but I wish Ms. Star would have taken a slower and steadier pace to her writing and spread out all of the information that she packed in. All of the details within the first 40% of the book could've been its own novel.Also, I think it may have just been my converted copy, but there were a lot of punctual mistakes and misspellings. It made it harder to read the book. But the writing style was great and made the characters seem very realistic. She really wrote well and was able to capture the emotions of a sixteen-year-old going through a traumatic time with ease. It was refreshing to read something like that.The love triangles in this book didn't really feel like one. I felt like Billie was immediately more attached to one over the other. I personally was also attached to one and didn't like the other. You would never guess who Billie actually ends up with. loved the villains! They are written extremely well. From the very beginning of the book, you know something is different about Tilly and she shouldn't be trusted. She's a great character and I loved reading the confrontations she had will Billie. Adrik is a crazy character and equally as addicting to read about. Billie also has some awesome friends! I loved her relationships with them. I was reminded of my friendship with my high school friends. They were fun and you could tell that they really loved and cared for Billie, even when they were fighting. And Pal rocks! Cats are eternal! He was one of my favorite characters, for sure.The last three chapters are amazingly sweet and swoon-worthy. I love the way the entire book played out. It was an overall great read. I enjoyed it immensely. I recommend it for YA Paranormal lovers.