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The Queen's Lady - Barbara Kyle I am not a history buff. The only thing that I remember about King Henry is that he liked to chop of his wives' heads. And that is all I got out of that lecture in high school.But this book was more than just history. Albeit, there was a lot, though no more than expected from reading the blurb. The story built well off of actual events, and the author's character fit seamlessly into the plot. Honor is an awesome character. She went through so much in her life. She is truly a heroine in my eyes. Her strength and braveness were amazing. And I loved how she seemed like a real person. There are many historical romances that seem completely bogus. This was not one of them.Honor's thoughts and feelings towards the men in her life made the series much more likable. I'll admit, I'm not one to read stories without romance. But I didn't find myself bored during the times in this novel that had none.I sincerely enjoyed this and will continue with the series, though not right away. My brain is still processing all of that information! I definitely recommend this and hope you enjoy it, too.