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MILA 2.0 - Debra Driza As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!2.5 StarsI'm not quite sure what I was expecting the book to turn out like when I picked up MILA 2.0, but I do know that I hoped I would fall completely in love with it. Sadly, that was not the case. There were some really great elements to the story, but overall, the book bored me. A novel about artificial intelligence should never be boring.MILA 2.0 is about a girl named Mila. She has just moved to small town in Minnesota with her newly widowed mother. She hangs out with her friends, rides horses and even has a crush. But when an accident reveals the truth about who Mila is, she finds herself on the run from people who want to capture her and use her abilities for their gain. I've got to admit that I'm not all that in to robots/cyborgs/things made mostly out of metal. I like some flicks with artificial intelligence, but I've never read a book that has blown me away with these themes. This novel had the potential to do so, but it fell flat. The romance was awkward, the main character was obnoxious and the twists in the plot left me rolling my eyes. It was so obvious what was going to happen. MILA 2.0 honestly could've blown me out of the water, if it had ever really figured a way to really suck me in, in the first place. It's never good when you are able to put down a book for a few days and not worry about picking it back up. In fact, the only reason I wanted to finish it was because I wanted to be able to pick up a new book for a read-along. There isn't one specific thing that stands out as being the reason I didn't enjoy this. It was a combination of small things: the main character's immaturity, the misguided labeling of "suspense," the insta-love, the build up to what I'm sure will be a love triangle. Of all of these things, my biggest gripe is with the main character. Something about her just did not fit. Her life was constantly in danger. She learned things about herself that would've had other people running away and screaming. But she thinks about a guy she knew for like three days during these times? Really? These characters were very typical. Big bad military man. The main character is besties with the popular mean girl. She has a huge crush on the new super attractive boy. Awkward nerd that hides where his allegiance lies. What made it worse was I didn't understand the relationships that Mila formed with these people. It's immediately made obvious to the reader that Kaylee was a completely "b-word." Why did Mila associate herself with Kaylee? Why Hunter? (After knowing him for a few days, why is he basically made out to be the love of her life?) Why. Why. Why. I asked myself that a lot. Many things in this book were told and not shown. What I did like was Ms. Driza's ability to write action sequences. If the rest of this novel had been as engaging as the fight scenes, this novel would've been five-star worthy.MILA 2.0 is an unique tale, for sure. It has a lot of faults, but some parts really interested me. It's definitely not love, but my curiosity has been piqued. I'd like to see what the author does with the rest of the series. Hopefully, it can bounce back and really steal my attention.I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review via Edelweiss.