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Manipulation - Jolene Perry As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Manipulation is a sequel that ties in very well with its prequel and adds a great installment to an interesting series. Though it wasn't perfect, it was an simple, fun read, perfect for my day of lounging around the house.This novel can be read with or without the previous book in the series, though I recommend reading Insight, book one, first. It gives you a better understanding of the powers and history around which the series revolves and you will know all of the characters that are mentioned when you read the two books together!This is definitely not the best written book I've ever read. In fact, it's what I'd consider a guilty pleasure. Manipulation is definitely enjoyable. It is a great read for fans of paranormal young adult romance. It's a strangely addicting story. The author easily draws you in and holds your attention until the very end!The story begins with Addison Price, or Addie, as she is affectionately referred to by some and Dean in court. Addie had been forging train tickets to sneak around with an older boy, who is a friend of her family's. Dean had been trying to find his little brother, from whom he was separated upon entering the foster cares system. Both have been using their ability to manipulate other to do these things. When brought together by a court-ordered class, the two bond over their "power" and begin to fall for each other. But the shadows and those who want to use their abilities are closing in quickly. If they want to stay free, and alive, they will have to work together to find safety.Forming a connection with Addison Prince, the female lead of this story, was not easy. It took awhile for me to like her because she is extremely spoiled. The fact that Ms. Perry was able to make Addison relatable and redeem her was excellent though. It felt like she really grew as a character, and don't you just love when that happens? My favorite part about both of the main characters is their obvious love of their siblings. It's also an awesome way to bring two love interests together. Dean is super dreamy, so there's that as well. I loved pretty much everything about him. None of the minor characters really stood out to me besides Addie's father and her "friend." By the end, I appreciated Addie's dad, but didn't really care for him. And don't even get me started on Addie's horrid friend, and horrid "boyfriend," if you can even call him that. What jerks!One you start Manipulation, it's very hard to put down. The story just kept sucking me back in, when I tried to be productive. (Sorry, mom.) This book is an easy and fast read, which is one reason I liked it so much. It doesn't take a whole lot of time, or effort, to become involved in the story!That being said, this book is pretty cliche. There was some insta-love and a few obvious plot twists. The writing seemed pretty amateur during some scenes, almost like the author tried a bit too hard, but overall, I really enjoyed reading Manipulation! It definitely had its faults, but it was entertaining and I definitely plan to read the final book in the series when it is released next month!I received an e-copy of this novel from the author for my honest opinion and review.