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Elder (Firstborn Trilogy, #3) - Raine Thomas As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Elder is the third and final installment in the Firstborn trilogy, so this review may have some spoilers for the first two books. You have been warned.Elder is supposed to be the story of Clara Kate and In-herit, but written in multiple perspectives, it felt more like a finale for all of the characters. There isn't a whole lot that can be said about the plot that won't give away some aspect of the book. We begin almost immediately after book two, Shift, left off. Ariana and a severely injured Tate are locked in the library with Metis and Eirik, who plan to use them to find the final piece of the Elder Scroll. From there we go on an epic quest filled with twists and turns as the characters we've come to know and love fight to save the world.While I enjoyed reading about Clara Kate and In-herit's relationship, and her struggles to return In-herit's memories of their relationship on the human plane, Tate and Zachariah are still my favorite couple. Tate's teasing and Zachariah's overbearing nature make for an odd pairing, but when you read about them together, they just fit. Ms. Thomas is excellent at giving her couples chemistry. Their relationships feel real, and unforced. Not only is the author good as writing relationships, but her characters all have realistic personalities. Each one was different, but they all meshed well together. No one felt like a filler, and everyone has their own role in the story.The action in the plot was just as thrilling as in the first two books. Elder made me nervous in all the right places. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end! The plot was great. It was a fantastic continuation of the series! It tied in perfectly with the first two books. The novel also moved at a steady pace and will keep its audience engaged. I never felt bored while reading, which made me so happy. I've read a few stinkers lately, so it is nice that Elder was able to get me out of my rut and end the series on a good note.The end of the novel felt very final, though it leaves you in a content place where you can imagine the future of the characters you've come to know in love, but you aren't left in need of answers. I think Ms. Thomas tied up the series perfectly and I'm sad to part with these characters as I have really come to adore them over the past year. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Thomas comes up with next!