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Let it Snow - Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Let It Snow is a holiday themed short story anthology written by some of the greatest young adult authors to date. The star contributors include John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. If you haven't heard of them, you've probably been living under a rock - even my mother knows who John Green is. If you haven't read any of their books, I suggest you do so, as they are fan-freaking-tastic.These stories are overall pretty light and very fun to read. They are perfect for a chilly day where you just want to read, drink hot cocoa and stay warm by the fire, or even just a summer day where you are desperate for a blizzard. These three authors weave tales that take place in the same world, but star different characters. I LOVE that idea and if I do say so myself, they do an excellent job.The first story is written by Maureen Johnson. It's called The Jubilee Express about a teenage girl, Jubilee, who just wants to spend the holiday and one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, but ends up on a train to Florida to spend the holiday with her grandparents when her parents. Due to a blizzard, she doesn't make it there, but instead finds herself in Gracetown, meeting an interesting cast of characters and making some important decisions about her life.The second story, written by John Green, is called A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle. This story includes a boy named Tobin, his three good friends, The Duke, JP and Keun, fourteen teenage cheerleaders, a blizzard and a Waffle House. This story has a bigger focus on humor than anything else. I think I enjoyed this one most of all. While the romance was pretty predictable, it was more fun and adventurous than the other two. I absolutely love John Green's nerdtastic writing style!The third and final story is called The Patron Saint of Pigs. (I totally snorted at this title.) Lauren Myracle brings together the story of a boy we meet in the first story, Jeb, who also is mentioned in the second story and Addie. This is told from the perspective of his maybe-ex-girlfriend, Addie. Addie is may be bit self-conceited, and dramatic and sorta selfish, but she loves Jeb. And now, because of a huge mistake she made, she wants to change for the better. But it's not as easy as saying she wants to change, so she's got to prove it to her friends, her peers and most of all, Jeb.These three authors are phenomenal. Not only are they personable, but they write great, realistic stories with characters that everyone can relate to. Reading Let It Snow was a great experience. I enjoyed most of the characters. I laughed out loud and I really connected with the plots. These stories are by no means life changing, but they are meant to give you a bit of joy and make you smile. On my end of things, they truly succeeded. I read this while I was dying with the flu and it helped me feel a bit better. That should be enough to convince you to read this, if you haven't already, because nothing makes me happy when I'm sick. I'm probably the worst patient ever and I tend to hate everyone and everything during those periods. So obviously, John, Maureen and Lauren have some major skill.