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Reaction (Reflection, #2) - Jessica Roberts As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!This review will have some spoilers from the first book.Reaction is the second and final(?) novel in the Reflection series. I really enjoyed the first book and was curious about how things would resolve in this one. Plus, I'm a little obsessed with these covers! I mean, talk about gorgeous!Reaction is a wonderful addition to this series. In fact, I'd say I enjoyed it even more than the first part of this story. I finished it in mere hours because I JUST. HAD. TO. KNOW. It kept me on edge from beginning to end. Though I was praying for a happy ending, it was touch-and-go for quite a while.Heather has woken up from her coma and is ready to get back into life. She wants to go back to school, meet up again with her friends, rekindle her romance with Nick and just get back to the way things were before the accident. What she doesn't expect is Nick to be engaged to another woman. She also doesn't expect her mind to still be foggy and giving her even more problems. Reaction is a story about growing up and finding yourself through your struggles.I love the angst and drama in this novel. It was just what I needed at the time! The author, Jessica Roberts, brings back characters that we loved in the first back and adds some new ones. She gives us characters to root for and a character that we can't stand. I really loved having someone to feel anger towards because come on, that girl is not nice. Heather and Nick were the two that I rooted for, but in Reaction, Heather comes to realize that Nick is not her only option. She may want him with her whole heart, but if his feelings aren't the same, she can still exist. When they are separated, she does things that she really needed to do on her own. There was a major confrontation that didn't even involve Nick and I was actually proud of Heather for handling it on her own. I really loved that part. It showed that Heather could be her own person. Liz and Creed are back in this story. I still want to steal them to be my own best friends. They care so much for Heather and only want what is best for her. It's obvious in all of their interactions. Ms. Roberts gives us characters that are so easy to relate to.There were parts I didn't like though. There were several formatting errors in the finished copy. Those were distracting and it confused me at times because I couldn't tell who was speaking at certain points. I had to reread a few sections just to make sure I was getting the correct message. There were also some seriously awkward point-of-view changes. For every flashback, the author changed first-person perspective to third-person. While that is affective in showing that there is a flashback, it didn't read well. Especially when the switches didn't transition smoothly. Besides that, there were a few grammatical issues and some of the phrasing was just… off. It didn't read as well as the author had tried to write it.The only other thing that gave me trouble was within the plot. Heather's reactions to things and how unreal some aspects of the novel were turned me off a bit. Things that are obvious weren't figured out until the end. Or she didn't even ask questions about things she should've known while she was in the hospital. It was very frustrating because that is when it started to feel fake. Besides those points, it is a very real story. It's gritty and sad and will break your heart, but slowly put it back together again.I wish we could get a snippet of Heather's future. There are so many things I want to know! I can't even tell you the things that I want to know because they are all spoilers! So you know what you should do? You should go buy this book, read it and then come talk to me about it. Yes? Yes. Romance fans will really enjoy this book and this series. It's definitely for teens, but I wouldn't go so far as to classify it as a new adult. Either way, it will leave the audience swooning and sighing. Definitely worth a pick up!I received a free e-copy of this novel for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.