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The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy (Colebrook Academy Series, #1) - C.C. Dalton,  Twist Literary As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!AND ENTER TO WIN ONE OF FIVE E-COPIES OF THIS NOVEL. ENDS 11/15/2012.----The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy is an interesting novella that begins what I'm sure will be another gripping series brought up by Twist Literary. The first book is written by C.C. Dalton, who writes the point-of-view of our beloved, Markham Savoy. (I almost typed in "Savory" - this ironic because Markham is immensely attractive, in a way that should keep girls locked in their rooms.)Markham Savoy is not to be trifled with. He may not meet the standards of his family, but everyone at Colebrook Academy knows who is really in charge. You can either use his help to your advantage or burn him and have him use his power to make you miserable. Everyone knows this. Everyone follows this. Except Piper.The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy is one story that I would've liked to see this in an omnibus because it was too short for my liking. It was really interesting and just as sexy as the first series that Twist released, the Alibi series, but I wanted more! It wasn't able to leave the a huge impression on me because it took me half an hour to read. I like the characters and I definitely would like to see more of them, but I wish Markham's story had been longer. We get to know him, but there is so much more we could've seen. It doesn't feel like I know him as well as I should. Though I love him all the same.Going into this, I knew I was going to love the characters. Twist's last series had me loving to hate and hating to love the characters and I knew the Colebrook Confessions series would follow in its footsteps. Markham is your stereotypical bad boy. He has his way with almost any girl he wants. He's in charge and all of his classmates and many of the faculty know this. He's extremely smart and he does what he wants when he wants. This shouldn't really be attractive, but it so is! And though he's this playboy jerk, I really want him to be happy. There is a certain young woman I have in mind that would be perfect for him - other readers will probably agree with my choice. Markham's roommate and friend, Dane is super attractive in my head. You don't even know. As soon as we were introduced to him and he spoke, I fanned myself (ya know… in my head). His perspective of his friendship with Markham will be really interesting to see. The other minor characters like Piper, Hadley and Vivianne only intrigued me more. Their interactions seemed so real for teens in their situation (rich, spoiled, high and mighty, proud, a bit wild).I don't even know how to describe the plot, because it didn't really feel like a plot. It moved at a steady pace and went through life like a student in private school's life probably goes… you know… without the flirting with teachers, taking advantage of other students, and bossing everyone around. It really just goes through Markham's life at the moment and shows you a bit about his background. It made me sigh a bit because of how much he cares for his sister. Guys who care about their families are hot. Just sayin'.Up next is Dane's story and I can honestly say that I'm very excited to see where his perspective takes us! His past has me curious and his accent has me blushing - I'm a sucker for a boy with an accent. I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review.