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Skinny - Donna Cooner As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/5 StarsThis book really hit home for me. As an overweight adult, who has been struggling with her weight since middle school, I immediately understood this character. I tend to understand many characters' emotions in this type of situation, but not all of them speak to me like the female lead of Skinny did. Books that deal with social, mental and physical issues as Skinny does can either be super, super great or giant pieces of crap. Luckily enough, Skinny pulls off the emotions and realistic plot brilliantly.Skinny is about a teenage girl named Ever who is more than struggling with her weight. Since the death of her mother, eating has been the only thing to help her and even though it is also hurting her, she can't stop. It doesn't help that her inner thoughts nag at her constantly. She calls these thoughts, Skinny, the girl who sits on her shoulder, or in the back of her mind and tells Ever that she will never be pretty, or thin, or good enough. Throughout the novel, Ever has to deal with these thoughts until she can realize that she doesn't have to be perfect for people to see her, and find the strength within herself to end the torment that Skinny brings.The characters in this novel are realistic. Ever is just like every other teenage girl, insecure and while she fronts being confident and nonchalant, she really just wants to be liked and to be seen for who she is and not for how much she weighs. Rat is absolutely wonderful. I've got a super huge soft spot for nerds and he fits into that perfectly. I want my own Rat - please don't buy me an actually rat, those terrify me. Rat, the human, is a fantastic best friend, even though Ever might not always see it. Briella is a very misunderstood character and she's a lot more like Ever than Ever realizes. The minor characters only add to the story. They really bring to life the struggles of high school. There is gossip and bullying, but it's the kind you actually see in schools - not the exaggerated kind you see on television shows, in a lot of books and in movies. Ever deals with the comments, though inwardly, they break her spirit more and more every day.Skinny is inspiring. Not just because this girl loses so much weight. No. It's inspiring because she is able to overcome the voice in the back of her head that would force her to see the stereotypical "faults" she has. Skinny is about finding peace with who you are, no matter how much you way, how smart you are or what you look like. That's why I enjoyed it, because I think that, in the end, that message was put across beautifully. I was almost brought to tears a few times. This is a great read for younger of young adults. It won't make everything easier, but Skinny gives you a new perspective on things. As you read, you'll see a message that is given all the time in a realistic high school setting and a character that you can easily relate to. If you take anything from this novel it should be, that you shouldn't let anything keep you from being yourself. I applaud Donna Cooner for a wonderful novel. She's an author I would definitely like to read more from!I received an ARC of this novel from a giveaway.