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Outpost - Ann Aguirre ED AND EM'S REVIEWS IS GIVING AWAY THE RAZORLAND SERIES SIGNED BY ANN AGUIRRE UNTIL 10/8/2012.As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS ABOUT THE FIRST BOOK!Outpost begins about two months after Enclave left off. We catch up with Deuce, who seems to have drifted apart from Fade and Teagan and become closer with Stalker. They are all living in a new, environment with people who were raised differently than they were. Living in the community isn't easy. Deuce grew up believing the she could be a Huntress and help her people survive. Now she's feeling uncertain and alone because those in the community believe women should be homemakers and mothers. Her strengths and values are not the only thing at stake though. Freaks are getting smarter, and smarter means deadlier. How will they make it out alive when they have not only a wary town, but a mutant enemy determined to kill them all?I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't like Stalker, guys. I mean, come on… His name is Stalker. That's gotta be a major hint, right? He's not a totally bad guy, at least, with how the author tries to portray him, but I can't get over what he did in the past. And I really don't trust him! So reading about how close Deuce became with him was a bit of a struggle for me. There were very few likable characters in this novel. Deuce's foster parents are wonderful, and the gang from Enclave - Deuce, Fade and Teagan were good characters, other than that lot, the only other characters I liked were Longshot and Frank. This novel is full of characters who are either untrustworthy or just plain awful people. By the end of the novel, some of them will have you tearing out your hair in frustration! Human beings can be so ignorant, even in the future.The pace of this book is a lot slower than it's prequel, but the action is just as thrilling. We see has much of the Freaks in this novel as we did in the previous, but they have only become much more dangerous. They are evolving and getting smarter, though their want for flesh remains the same and they will stop at nothing to get it. This book was so creepy! I had to sleep with a light on after I finished it. I may love to read about zombies, but they still scare the living daylights out of me! Everything that happens will set the reader on edge and there are some points when your jaw will drop in surprise. This book is an adventure, that's for sure!This is a good dystopian series and I'm sincerely looking forward to the third and final novel which is to be released next year. I'm thankful that Ms. Aguirre hasn't written any cliffhangers for this series, because honestly, I would go crazy waiting for the next installment! Though I am sincerely looking forward to the conclusion to the Razorland series. Ms. Aguirre says it will be the most epic of them all! If that's not something to look forward to, I don't know what is. I love me some epicness!