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Sneak (Swipe, #2) - Evan Angler As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!*THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS ABOUT THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES*Boy, does Mr. Angler know how to start a book! I was creeped out from the prologue alone. Sneak is absolutely thrilling. While I was reading it, I was terrified to continue, but too hooked to stop! Everything about it drew me in and I was sad when I had to put it down to do something else. Then when I finished it, I was left in utter shock. This book, no, this series is epic.Logan, the Dust gang and DOME are back in the second novel of the Swipe series. Logan's on the run from DOME, but now he's got a lead. Lily's alive and she's in Beacon. He's determined to find her, but he can't do it alone. Hailey, Dane, Peck and the members of Dust are going to help him, even if at first, they're reluctant to do so. As they race to save Lily, will they lose others they care about in the process? What you read will make your jaw drop.The characters, both old and new, will keep you on your toes. It's hard figure out which Logan can trust and which we should hide from. I, more than once, trusted the wrong people. Mr. Angler surprised me at every turn! I can admit to repeatedly voicing my hatred of Erin as the story progressed. What a horrid girl. I thought I liked her after the first book, but after the first forty percent of Sneak, I wanted to kick her in the dirt. Her motives are still a bit hazy, but she really does care about Logan. Seeing what happens with her relationship with him will be very interesting! Logan is a great character. He's strong-willed and a really great kid that just wants his sister back. The readers will sympathize with him and cheer him on as he embarks on a daring adventure that could lead to his death.The plot was crazy original and crazy awesome and just plain crazy. This is a great novel for middle grade students. It's a bit hard to keep up with, so I don't recommend it for younger readers, but if you really pay attention, it's a great book! There haven't been any details released about book three, besides the author posting that he finished writing it, but saying I'm excited to read it is an understatement!The author can do so much with the story and having read both Swipe and Sneak, I know he will do the series justice!I received a free e-copy of this novel from the publisher for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.