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The Enchanted Truth - Kym Petrie As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsWhat did I just read? Really. What did I just read?The Enchanted Truth was 40 pages long - I don't know if that's ebook pages or physical copy pages. but it's definitely not enough for a story. This ebook is about a young woman (at least, I think she's young) who is sick of men stomping all over her heart. When her fairy godmother shows up, she expects a prince to come with her. Instead, she gets a toy frog and is told to wait because she's not ready for love.While the message was great, the set up and plot were executed well. The Enchanted Truth was entirely too short. I read this "book" in ten minutes. I didn't get enough time to get to know the main character let alone get her backstory or understand why she's so bitter/upset/hopeless.The Enchanted Truth has a lot of potential. It's an exceptional idea, but it's not a fairy tale. It's barely even a story. I don't even remember if the main character had a name or not… All I remember is her kissing a toy frog, having a weird kinda-sorta fairy godmother and her mother telling her to find a man. Oh and the end of course, which was strange and juvenile.The author gives you a little background story, about where the idea for this book came from, at the end. It makes it more personable, but it still did not make up for this boring story. There was no depth. You aren't given enough time to connect with the main character. You know nothing about her, just that she has been burned by men on the search for her Prince Charming.I don't even know what else to say about this book. If you can really call it that. It's more like a story that you would read in an anthology. Even then, I don't think I'd really like it. I have said this a lot in this review, but I really can't stress it enough: It is too short to get the point across. I'd like to see the novella expanded. If it was, I think it could be a lot better.I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.