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Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5/5 StarsI was really interested in this novel as soon as I saw the cover. It can't be stressed enough how obsessed I am with pretty covers. In my opinion, Reflection's cover is absolutely gorgeous. So when I read the summary and was left with a serious curiosity, I knew I had to read the book.I really enjoyed this story. It's sad and emotional, one that will having you praying for a happy ending. But as a heads up, you are left with somewhat of a cliffhanger. Fear not, my friends! Book two, Reaction, is due out this fall.As the novel begins, we are introduced to Heather, a teenage girl about to start college at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She's excited about getting away from her hometown and nervous about leaving her best friend, Creed. Since she lost her mother four years ago to a battle with cancer, Creed is the only person she has left to love and support her. When she wakes up in a hospital unable to recall why she was there, Heather must figure out what parts of her dreams, from her comatose state, were real and which were just part of her imagination. Is the boy she fell in love with even real?The characters are very realistic, albeit a bit cliche. Nick is the swoon-worthy brooding boy, who Heather wants to know from the getgo. His personality wavered, and I didn't always understand his actions, but it's obvious where the attraction comes from. Heather is a bit of a Mary Sue. She's very sweet and tries to be nice to everyone, though her emotions sometimes get the better of her. She's a nice character and gives us an easy perspective to read from. What happens with the minor characters is a little open-ended. I wish we had more details about them, hopefully we will in book two. Creed, Steve and Liz deserve happiness, too!Reflection is a novel that you have to give your full attention to. There are parts that will seriously confuse you, if you don't. The way the novel plays out is interesting and definitely keeps your attention. Reflection had me reading almost non-stop until the very end and while I think the book could've been a great stand-alone, I'm looking forward to reading the second novel.My biggest issue with this book was the editing. I'm not sure if the author had an editor or not, but I found quite a few issues with spelling, punctuation and grammar. That took some of the "umph" I had for reading the story. It's hard to concentrate on a novel when you get sidetracked by other things. There were few other minor things that needed some tweaking - word choices, sentence execution and story details that needed looked over, but besides those things, the novel was quite enjoyable. I'm looking forward to reading Reaction!I received a free e-copy of this novel for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.