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Defy (Firstborn Trilogy Book One) - Raine Thomas As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/5 Stars!Defy captured my interest after the first few paragraphs. I am not a huge fantasy lover, but I found myself really intrigued by the happenings in this strange world that Raine Thomas creates. Everything about it was unique. I've honestly never read anything like it.I love how the author is able to write from both an adult and an adolescent point-of-view. Some authors really can't pull that off, but Ms. Thomas does with ease. I barely noticed the transition. The writing is brilliant. Turning my kindle off for a bit to sleep, do chores or eat was an almost impossible feat. That's how good and addicting the writing was.The characters in this book are awesome. Tate has a great sense of adventure. I love her perspective. She doesn't have the best patience or self-control, but that's how many teenagers are. She likes danger and doesn't want to be held back. She wants to get her wings - both literally and figuratively. Her father, Caleb, is another great character. He truly loves his wife and children and will do anything to keep them safe and healthy. My favorite character would have to be Zachariah, though. He's sarcastic, and fierce, and loyal. He really learns to care for Tate. THEY ARE JUST SO SWEET TOOGETHER. OMG, I'M SORRY FOR THE SHOUTY CAPS, BUT I CAN'T STOP. Characters like Quincy, Sophia, Skye, Tiege only add more… awesomeness… to the book.The fantasy aspects in this story are great. I love the families and their names. For the most part, they all have very original names that only contribute to the fantasy. And as you read, you get so involved in the plot that you can't help but picture all of the scenes in your mind. I love when a book can really pull out your imagination.I also enjoyed that even though the blurb really makes the book sound like it revolves around one character, there are multiple stories within. It was unexpected, but extremely intriguing. The ways it's done is phenomenal. I really enjoyed reading from multiple characters' perspectives.My only "issues" with the book were that I didn't really like the cover. I was worried that because I didn't like the cover that I wouldn't like the content of the novel. Sorry guys, but while it fit with the book, I just didn't think it looked very good. Also, I found four big spelling issues. Most likely, they were just from a typing slip-up, but they really stuck out to me. There were also a few grammatical issues that should've been seen by an editor.After stalking searching the author's profile, I've come to find that there is a series that prequels this one. It's great that this reads like a stand-alone series though. I really enjoyed it before I knew there were prequels. They are about the parents of the main characters in this series. I LOVE WHEN AUTHORS DO THAT. MUST READ THEM NOW. I'm literally going to go buy them as soon as I have money.Even with my little squiggles, I loved this book. I couldn't put it down! Tate and Zachariah are a great pair that are sure to make people swoon and laugh. I cannot wait for book two!I received a free e-copy of this novel for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.