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Swipe - Evan Angler As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/5 StarsSWIPE is an edgy, middle grade novel that will thrill you long after the book ends!This book was intennnnse. Seriously. I couldn't stop reading it because the intensity of the plot just drew me in. The complexity of this story kept my interest all the way through!It wasn't the perfect book. It had its faults, but it was very, very good. Though it really seemed to be for the wrong age group. I'll admit that I had to use the dictionary for a few words that were used in the story. (I'm embarrassed.) As I read this, it was fast-paced and a bit hard for me to understand. Like what is a mark? What is it really supposed to do? Maybe I missed that part, but for me, it was never answered.In this futuristic world that Mr. Angler has created, the United States are no longer the United States and the government is no longer a democracy. The country has been renamed the "American Union" and is now ruled under the Parliament. I am actually very curious about whether there are actually cities called Spokie and Beacon today. It wouldn't surprise me if the author had come up with them for the sake of the story.Mr. Angler depicts the society in which the story resides is based around technology. Everyone has a tablet, no one reads real books (I almost cried) and there are such things as hovercrafts and surveillance powder. There were quite a few things that didn't make sense to me about it. Like I still don't understand what the "Mark" is, or why it is so important. And how do people die from trying to get the Mark? I was confused on some of the specifics, but still very intrigued.I liked Logan. He's sharp, smart and always wants to believe the best in people. I think that makes him a strong young man. He cares about people and doesn't prejudice against anyone. He feels sorry for the Markless and wants to help them. He doesn't spit curses at them or come up with crude names to hurt them unlike some of the other characters. Erin was okay. She definitely pulled off the angsty teenage girl part well. She was annoying at times, though. And her at the end? Let's just say, she better hope we don't meet in a dark alley. Daneā€¦ I really liked Dane at first, but as the story went on, I wanted to punch him more often than not. It was that way for a few of the characters. The twists in this book are what really make it different. Honestly, I only saw two of them coming. And there are more than too. Mr. Angler weaves a tale full of mystery and adventure. It was one that I won't soon forget!Plus I found a lot of funnies in this one! Especially between the younger members of the Dust.My reaction at the ending: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? THIS CAN'T BE THE END! CURSE YOU ALLLLL! A;DKGANGAFDKGLNALDKFNGAODFIGHAADF But in the very best way, of course. Thank God this is a series (though I'm at the same time thinking: another series, whyyy)! I will most definitely be reading book two, SNEAK! Bravo, Mr. Angler on a wonderful debut!Just an FYI: Book Two, SNEAK will be released in September of this year! So the wait won't be too long! (Thank goodness!) I received a free e-copy of this novel for a blog tour in exchange for my honest review.