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A Mutiny in Time - James Dashner As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5/5 Stars!This book was adorable! Okay, adorable is the wrong word to describe the book, but it fits perfectly for one of the main characters, Dak.Dak and his best friend, Sera, live in a futuristic society that is basically controlled by a group called the SQ. The two young children are geniuses. Dak is obsessed with history, while Sera loves science. They are so nerdy and adorkable. (You see what I did there?) When they find their way into Dak's parents' lab, they end up making a discovery that could save the world, or if let into the wrong hands, worsen it further. With the help of the Hystorians and a boy named Riq, the Dak and Sera must righten history and find Dak's missing parents.This is story is the perfect length for the age group it was written for. Not only is this a great read for middle grade children, but A Mutiny in Time is perfect for the family because it has something for all ages. I was greatly entertained by the plot and characters and I'm an adult. I will be buying this novel for my youngest cousin as soon as it's released. As a middle school science geek, I know he will adore this series.The adventures the three main characters went on were so interesting to read about! My jealousy was overwhelming. How neat would it be to go back in time and meet some of the greatest influences of modern society, the men and women who made our world what it is today? I would love to be in their shoes - except when they are narrowly escaping death, of course!Yes, there were a few times when I was confused, but I really enjoyed it, overall. I don't really understand what the SQ was or what they really were after, I mean, I don't understand why they wanted to change history. I'm sure as I continue with the series, more and more will be revealed. It's something to really look forward to!A Mutiny in Time was a super fun read. It's probably sad that even though it's a middle grade novel, I learned a lot. This series is going to be an epic one! The author line-up alone is enough to make me want to read it!I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.