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The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!The Theory of Attraction is an erotic tale surrounding nerds, neighbors and BDSM.Lately, I've been reading more and more of these stories. They are great for women with fantasies, like myself, I say as I blush severely. That being said, this seems like more like a stereotype than actual BDSM. I say that because it is much different than the we have grown to know in more popular stories. This story seemed a lot more "vanilla" than books I've read by Cherise Sinclair and Kitty Thomas. Though The Theory of Attraction was much lighter than the other erotic stories that I have read lately, but it's still not for those looking for a normal, sweet romance because it is a BDSM novel. There is no mistaking that.The conflict in this story was lacking. I like angst and that part of the story was just not up to par for me. One reason I really enjoy romance novels is because drama is the main plot point. In The Theory of Attraction, the drama between our two main characters lasts about five pages and then it's a happy ending. The ending was disappointing.I loved Ivan, but I still don't really see him as a Dominant. While he has some qualities that you can find in a Dominant, he is overall not what I think of when I picture of Dom. (I don't mean to stereotype. Ivan just doesn't act like to the ones I'm used to reading about.) Camilla was an enjoyable character, though. Her perspective was fun to read from. I loved how much she cared for Ivan. They truly are a sweet, albeit awkward couple. Because of her descriptions of Ivan, I found myself falling for his nerdy ways. He's so strangely adorable - I couldn't help but love him. I've got a weakness for nerds. You just want to snuggle with them as they solve calculus problems in their head.There are a lot of minor issues with this book. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. It just wasn't the best erotic book that I've ever read. It's a quick, fun summer read - as long as you don't easily embarrass in public! But it wasn't really long enough, in my opinion, for the subject matter that it delved into. There could've been much more added on and more depth within the story. It lacked that "umph" that romance novels should really have. I was left feeling amused, but not overly satisfied.I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.