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Close Enough to Touch (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4.5/5 Stars!I really enjoyed Close Enough to Touch. If Victoria Dahl wasn't already an instant buy author for me, she just became one. This book is a touching, contemporary romance that I won't soon forget!As soon as I read the synopsis for this novel, I knew I was going to enjoy it. While Close Enough to Touch is a bit heavier than the other books I've read by Ms. Dahl, it's just as addicting. Once I got into the novel, I couldn't put it down. The angst really is what made the book for me. The characters are realistic, the situations are heart-wrenching and the ending is so swoon-worthy that I still smile when thinking about it. This is where I release a happy sigh.Grace Barrett is a hard, strong woman, who doesn't need anyone. All she needs is some money and a place to start over. When her great aunt Rayleen grudgingly offers her a tiny apartment, she jumps at the chance to get out of Los Angeles, even if it is to Wyoming. When she meets Cole Rawlins, she refuses to admit that he's affecting her plans. Cole is the definition of "swoon-worthy." He drives Grace (and of course, me) wild. I could read about him all day. Cowboys are my new favorite men. Who knew that cowboy hats, calloused hands and rough southern accents could be so attractive? Well… All of us knew, but Cole gives me a new longing for my own. I need one, guys. N-e-e-d.The story makes your heart ache not just for Grace, but for Cole, too. They both have troubled pasts that you don't really know all of the details to until well into the story. There are so many notes in my book that say things like, "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO?" and "I NEED TO KNOW MORE. THEY NEED TO BE HAPPY. OMG, WHAT IS THIS LIFE?" The suspense only added to the book. It'll make you want to read faster, then before you know it, the book is over and you are grinning and snuggling with the book. …No? Just me? Okay.The minor characters are fun, too. I hated to love Aunt Rayleen. She's much like Grace is very shut off from people. You can tell that their hard personalities are a genetic trait! I really warmed up to her in the end, though. I wanted her to get her happy ending as much as I wanted it for Grace. I really enjoyed Eve and Jenny's roles in this novel. They are great secondary characters. Grace is lucky to have made such great friends. My least favorite characters in this book were Willa, the Pill-a (I just made a great pun, don't judge), and Madeline, the skank... erm... I mean... Madeline the woman who needs to go away forever. Of course, the author means for you to hate them. I literally growled out loud when they were mentioned in the story. If I was in the book, I would dropkicked them in the face. EVIL WOMEN. EVIL, EVIL WOMEN.Though the cover doesn't clearly depict it, this is definitely a western romance. Now, I haven't read a lot of modern western romances and the ones that I have read haven't left a lasting impression, but this novel is different. I loved Close Enough to Touch from start to end. I hope Ms. Dahl continues to write stories like these. All the time. And gives them to me. All of them. I recommend this to fans of Victoria Dahl fans and contemporary romance lovers of all kinds! This satisfied by itch for a fun, sometimes angsty romance! I wish it hadn't ended so soon!*I just found out there will be another book in this series and a related novella that will be released next year. YES, MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via Netgalley.