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A Small Place - Jamaica Kincaid If I hadn't had to analyze this for my communications class, I would've spent my life without ever touching this. It would've been for the better, let me tell you.This woman is so bitter. Yeah, it's understandable, but she basically bashes her readers throughout the entire book - if you can really call it that. I'm sorry that you hated your life, but don't be so hypocritical. If you don't like your life, change it. Don't blame the tourists. I LIKE TO TRAVEL, I'M SORRY.I'm really just bitter about this book. And I hold grudges. I'm holding a grudge now.This was horrible. It doesn't even deserve one star. My life would've been better without reading it. I usually read very quickly, but this took me hours to finish and I skimmed over half of it.I don't recommend to anyone.