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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsI honestly don't know why I didn't like this book, but I didn't and that bums me out.Everyone RAVES about Code Name Verity. I was really looking forward to it. I absolutely love the cover, so that got me even more excited. Though for some reason, when I started it, I thought it was a contemporary story about wrestlers. WHAT. I know, I know. I never paid attention to the blurb. Honestly, the things I come up with… So that was a great shock for me. When I reread the summary, I was still super interested. It's really like nothing I've ever read before. I don't read a lot of historical/war books. Not that I'm not intrigued by it, but because I like angsty romance. That's my niche. Reading this brought me way out of my comfort zone.I liked the main character. She was smart and had a wicked tongue. I think my trouble was in the fact that I knew what was coming and maybe a little bit because there was no romance. I feel so blasphemous saying that… But many stories seem utterly dull without it. This was one of those stories in my opinion. It just needed… something. I can't tell you what, that's why I'm not an author, but for me it was lacking.There is a part where I cried. It's hard not to cry. There were times where I laughed as well. Ms. Wein writes emotion very well. I felt the emotions of the characters in the pit of my stomach. The writing really was what drove this story. So where did this go wrong? I'll admit that a part of me believes it is because of the technicalities in the story. Things are described that I couldn't understand. My knowledge of airplanes, warfare and foreign countries is sorely lacking. That's most likely why I had the most trouble, but I really don't know. If you can figure it out, please tell me.I was reminded of my grandfather a lot as I read. I grew up on his war stories and he always talked about his respect for women who served for the good of our world. I may buy him a copy because I know he would enjoy it, even though he isn't a fan of fiction. My grandpa and other fans of historical war novels will love this. I'm bummed that I wasn't blown away.I skimmed the last 40%. Getting into Code Name Verity was impossible for me. So many people loved it. I'm one of the very few that didn't. And many people to come will love it. Elizabeth Wein had a wonderful idea, but it just didn't come through for me.