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The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!The Goddess Legacy was a good distraction as I wait not-so-patiently for The Goddess Inheritance book three in Aimée Carter's Goddess Test series. I love Greek mythology and have since I was a kid. I've never seriously studied up on it, but I've always loved stories, movies and books based off the legends. The Goddess Test series has been a great, fun, sometimes angst-y, modern "spin-off" on the lives of the Greek gods.I really enjoyed reading book two… That's a bit of an understatement really. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I loved Goddess Interrupted. So, when I saw that this title was available on Netgalley. I requested it immediately! I'm glad I did and that Harlequin Teen deemed me worthy.This is just as angsty as the first two novels in the series, but gives you a lot more background information about the Gods and Goddesses. This story gives us the past of the characters we have come to know and love. And YES! I think I've got all the new names memorized now! I'm very proud of myself, because that was one of the biggest struggles for me with the previous books.Here's the list - in case you need it:Zeus - WalterHera - CalliopePoseidon - PhillipDemeter - DianaHades - HenryHestia - SofiaAres - DylanAphrodite - AvaHermes - JamesAthena - IreneApollo - TheoArtemis - EllaHephaestus - NicholasDionysus - XanderThis was a fast read for me, mostly because I could not put the book down. Say what you will, but Aimée's writing sucks you in and holds on to you even past the end. She's a magnificent storyteller! And her play on Greek mythology continues to intrigue me. I can't wait to see what she's going to do next.This book is made up of parts from Calliope/Hera's, Ava/Aphrodite's, Persephone's, Hermes/James's, Hades/Henry's points of view. That is the order of how they are read and they play off of each other very smoothly, though in my copy, the transition was wonky. That's my only real complaint about this book, so it can't really be a complaint, since I don't have a final copy and I'm not sure if that issue is fixed or not. Just understand how much I love this series and how much I enjoyed this book!I developed feelings towards some characters that I never thought I would feel. Calliope/Hera's story almost made me cry. She went through so much and her pain is obvious. You understand (but still don't approve of) her actions after reading The Goddess Legacy. Ava/Aphrodite's story was my favorite. It made me ache for Nicholas/Hephaestus and now I'm pretty much in love with him. Still don't like Ares/Dylan, though. It is interesting to see these Olympian deities as humans, but also see their backgrounds and read their stories from their creation. I think, though this didn't move the plot forward, that this was a great edition to the series.There is a "sex scene" in the story. It's really just a small passage about the one time Persephone and Hades consummate their marriage. Nothing graphic. Persephone's story helped me not hate her as much, but I still hate her a little bit. Though, I only hate her because she broke Hades' heart. Since she didn't hurt him on purpose (most of the time), I can't really fault her for it.The Goddess Legacy just helps to tie in some loose knots about the past so you can fully understand what's happening in the series that Ms. Carter writes. It's very helpful and enjoyable! So go out and buy a copy as soon as it's released! If you loved the first two books, you'll love this one, too!