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The Darkest Day - Britt Bury As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsYou know what phrase I'm tired of using? "This book had so much potential." Because really, there was so much potential in The Darkest Day. But there isn't much else to say about this book. The cover is hot. Extremely sexy. And the pink writing is a great contrast to the blue background. It really drew me in. And then when I read the summary, I needed to read it. Hellllllllo pretty Scotsman and paranormal romance. I thought this was going to be REALLY good. I was so wrong. So very, very wrong.I liked it in the beginning. The world that Ms. Bury has set up is very interesting and I could've been really entranced by it. That is if there was more of a plot than just a weird relationship. Usually, I'm okay with a lot of romance, but really, what drew these two together? The only thing that I can remember them saying about each other is how hot the other one is and how they wanted to get in each other's pants.Can I just ask something? Why is Kelvin's "race" called Pookah? It's not really a question I want or need answered. I just want to make a point about how ridiculous it sounds. Seriously, does that sound at all legitimate to anyone? Every time I read it, I wanted to go smoke some hookah. I even had to google Pookah to know if was an actual paranormal being. It wasn't. In fact, the only thing I could find on it was an urban dictionary entry that says Pookah is "a term of endearment for someone you're dating" or "a verb meaning great or extraordinary." It's not a good creation. It was impossible for me to take it seriously.The main characters in this story are Kelvin Kerr and Izel Campbell. Neither of them appeal to me. Izel is just another woman who lets her life be controlled by a man. Kelvin is a jerk. There is literally a part in the story where "Kel" admits to verbally abusing Izel. REALLY. AND THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HOT. The minor characters were more interesting than these two. I really, really loved Ryo. She and Ramsey were my favorite, and really, the only two characters that I liked. Ryo was funny, witty and had a much better personality than Izel. Honestly, I think that Ryo would've made a better mate for Kel than Izel did. Basically, I just don't like Izel. (Or Kelvin. (But mostly Izel.))I could rave and rant about Izel's idiocy all day, but I'll just mention a few key points that made me loathe her: SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SPOILERS.1) Izel storms into a town knowing that if she was found out, she would be dead in an instant.2) Her way of standing up for herself is by endangering herself.3) She leaves without telling Kel where she is going, while they are in a crowded town. And goes to GET DRUNK. REALLY. REALLY? Because that's safe.4) She doesn't even know Kel and she thinks she's in love with him. It would make more sense if they were just mates and then grew to love each other. But noooo, after traveling with him, for what felt like a few days, she's in love with him.5) She goes back to a guy who tried to push her away by mocking her innocence, virginity and who was a possessive jerk.Now for Kelvin's good attributes? He's a gorgeous male specimen. He's a good fighter. He's a good lay. …Is that is? Yeah… Yeah, that's it. So obviously, you can tell that I'm not a fan of Kel. Nor will I ever be.There is really no love lost between me and The Darkest Day. At 38%, I noted that I wanted to flounce. You know it's bad when you can't even get halfway through a book before wanting to drop it. This is another series I'm breaking up with. I just do not like the characters, or the plot that barely exists until the last 40%. And the only parts that I enjoyed were in that last 40%. That's the reason this gets a 1.5 instead of a .5, because the plot picked up after 60ish% and the characters got a little better. Very little. Like the-size-of-my-pinky-nail little. Really, the rest of the novel is them fighting strange sexual tension, having "relations" and annoying each other/yelling/fighing/annoying the hell out of me. Not jumping on board this crazy train. Thank you very much.