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One Moment - Kristina McBride As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!One Moment provided me with my angst quota for the day, maybe even the week. I cried a lot. It was such an endearing and heart-wrenching read. Seriously, it was such a good book. It was one of the best books that I've read in a while. Plus, look at the cover… Such a pretty cover...One Moment is about a girl, Maggie, who witnesses the death of her boyfriend of almost two years. Maggie and Joey, the boyfriend, joined their four friends, Adam, Tanna, Pete and Shannon, spending a nice, warm day during Memorial Day weekend by a gorge local to their town of Blue Ridge, Ohio. They all take turns jumping from a the falls, except Maggie, who has an extreme fear of heights. Joey convinces her to jump with him, but somehow he ends up falling and crushing his skull and Maggie is found hiding in the bushes at the top of the falls. She is unable to remember anything that happened. The aftermath of Joey's death leaves the five friends reeling and struggling to stay together. All the while, Maggie battles her own personal struggle, to remember why she didn't jump and how Joey didn't make the jump. As the story continues, secrets are revealed, some friendships are tested, while others are broken. The "shocker" in this book was pretty obvious from the beginning, but I didn't let that stop me from reading and I'm very glad I continued because this was wonderful! Even though the major twist in the story was clear, the plot was new and original. The setting was projected as gorgeous, which Ohio really is gorgeous (if you look in the right places).This story has so much drama! It hurt my heart. I must be a masochist because I really, really enjoyed it! One Moment has suspense, drama, mystery and even a bit of romance. It's a great book for fans of young adult dramas like myself.The prose was emotional and captivating. Reading from Maggie's perspective had me in tears more often than not. It had an almost lyrical quality to it. One Moment was a fast read and pretty short. I read it in one sitting, which is happening very often lately. Non-stop in a couple of hours means I seriously enjoyed it. I really recommend this book! And it won't be the last Kristina McBride book that I read!