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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Review as seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5/5 StarsI read this before when it was a fan fiction and I really liked it. I still really liked it, but I'll admit it's nothing near the pedestal that I put it on.Ana is too meek. She isn't a strong female character in the least and that's one reason this really worked as a Twilight fan fiction because Bella isn't exactly the strongest lead either. And the whole "inner goddess" thing started to really annoy me after a while. Ultimately, Ana is not my favorite character, in this or really any novel.I loved "Fifty Shades." But there are some points where he's too much. I don't know how the author manages to write a protagonist who can stand him in his entirety like Ana does. There seems to be no give and take with this man and that's not what a relationship should be. It should be 50/50, not…100% fifty shades. (I liked that pun, excuse it if you must.)The BDSM part of this novel is very minor. It is erotica, and that is completely obvious, but I don't think besides a few scenes that I would classify it as a BDSM inspired book. So that's a little misguiding. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't hate this book. I actually really liked it. It's an addicting read. There are just some details within the novel that really bothered me.I love Kate and Elliot. Loved them a lot! And Ray, God, Ray is an awesome father. I loved his character with my entire being. The characters were written really well, but we never got to know Ana. There were a lot of mysteries about her. I couldn't honestly tell you her favorite color.Also, the fact that I originally read this as a fan fiction, it threw me off a bit to read the name change. I understand that to publish it, it had to be done, but it still didn't help when reading it.I like how this book ends. With Ana finally sticking up for herself and doing what she needed to do. Though with the time span of this novel, if I were her, I would've done so a long, long time ago. I wish throughout the book, Ana would've stuck up for herself more. Christian, at one point, calls her a strong woman and I would never have picked that adjective to describe her. She has a lot of growing to do, which is understandable seeing as she just graduated from college.I liked the drama. I'll admit it, I'm a drama obsessor. So that part of the book really worked for me. Ms. James writes drama very realistically. I was able to feel like the characters as I read through it. Not all authors can do that.I've read both negative and positive reviews for this one. I personally liked it, but didn't love and obsess over it like I did when it was a fan fiction story. I will continue the series, and I'm sure I'll feel about the same about the next two books. I hope that I can love them, but I don't think that they will be as amazing as I once thought.