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Fighting to Survive - Rhiannon Frater As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Fighting to Survive is book two in the As The World Dies series by Rhiannon Frater. It's about zombies. Zombies are awesome, but this book was subpar. I don't have a whole lot to say about this book. It was entertaining, but not extraordinary. I usually am obsessed with zombie novels, but that was not the case for this series.I had some trouble keeping up with the plot at some points and besides the main characters, I got lost in who was who. The main characters, Jenny, Juan, Katie and Travis all had different qualities that annoyed me. Some more than others. I liked Travis best and Jenny least. Travis is pretty cool, but really needs to stand up for himself and be firm in his ideas. Katie needs to learn to consider how her actions affect others and Jenni needs to be honest with those she says she loves. Her secrets could've gotten people killed. She is very selfish in my opinion. Juan… I really liked him, but he could do a lot better than Jenny.There were too many point-of-views in this story. I had trouble keeping up with the story mostly because I couldn't connect to the characters and I couldn't keep track of who was who. But I liked the zombies! Any book with zombies has at least one redeeming quality, being the zombies themselves.My favorite character was obviously Ken. He's gay, has an obsession with Daniel Craig and kills zombies. What's no to love about that? Plus he is the real humor in this story.I really enjoyed the first book, the second was mediocre, but I will continue the series and hopefully love the third book! I'm still intrigued by the plot, so I'm really hoping it will pull through.