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Siege  (As The World Dies, #3) - Rhiannon Frater As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!2.5/5 StarsSiege was a very disappointing ending for me. I liked the series overall, but I didn't fall in love with it like I hoped I would. Usually, I love all things zombies. This was the exception.Honestly, I don't know how I finished it. I kept hoping it would pick up, but it didn't. Many people said this series was amazing and the final book was a phenomenal… I am one of the very few who didn't like this book and felt "meh" about the complete series. The characters were just not relatable at all. I know they are in a position that we can't possibly relate to, but I expected to at least like the characters and understand their emotions and actions. And the only one I liked was Ken. …Yeah, that's pretty much it… No one else really comes to mind. And I wasn't very impressed with the writing. The change-up in character point-of-view only annoyed me. It was hard to keep up with.What else is there to say about Siege? Rhiannon Frater is not afraid to kill off her characters! Be forewarned, this is a total angstfest. I cried, I'll admit it. While I didn't like the characters and had trouble with the writing, the plot was wonderful. I was seriously intrigued by everything that happened. But that was as far as my enjoyment went.What a bummer. I thought this series would be amazing, but it just wasn't for me.