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Blood Song - Cat Adams Review as seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!I'm not a fan of this book.I will not be reading the next one.The characters were dull. There were no emotions. Every "emotion" had a follow up explaining why the main character felt the way that she did. And she was annoying. Everything was so clinical. When a tragedy happened in her life, her reactions weren't believable. She just wasn't a well-written character. I couldn't read about her without getting annoyed by something. She acted less like a woman and more like a robot.I also couldn't remember characters. I got the basics. The main character is Celia. Her best friend is Vicki. Her best friend's lover is Alex. Her ex-fiancee is Bruno. His brother is Matty. That's all I can honestly remember. Characters in this book came and went faster than the wind and then were brought back later in the book. There was no sense to it. We were just supposed to remember who they were.The only thing that I really liked about this book was the plot. The idea was very interesting. I'd never heard of some of the points or concepts in this novel. Like an "abomination," that was definitely new and very neat! Nice touch, because I'm sure that if they existed that's what they would probably be called. Just not written in a satisfying, easy-to-read way. In fact, I skimmed about thirty percent of this book. And I HATE skimming.The timespan in this book was unsteady also. I have no idea how long passed. I couldn't comprehend the timing in this novel. It was very unsettling after I thought about it. Do the authors know how many days this book took place in? If they could share, that'd be awesome.I wanted to love this book, because I love the cover. It's mysterious and captivating. I absolutely love the woman's eyes and make-up, but no cover in the world could make up for what was actually written.