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Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Unbreak My Heart is a endearing story about growing up and making mistakes.The main character, Clementine, Clem for short, is really sad because she just lost a bunch of her friends because of an incident with her best friend's boyfriend and now she has to go on a boating trip for the whole summer with her family. It obvious that she is not thrilled - what teenager would be?I liked Clem, but I didn't love her. She was often whiny and the way she described her best friend, Amanda, only made me hate her. Amanda is a horrible friend. Horrible. And the fact that everything that happened made Amanda push Clem away instead of her boyfriend, Ethan, was ridiculous and juvenile. So, she's a typical teenage girl and as harsh as it is, I hate Amanda. Clem is really dramatic. She basically thinks that her live is over because of one mistake. She often seemed younger than what the author tried to write her as. I feel terrible for her though. I know what it's like to be alienated by the people you thought were your friends. It's very hard and that's why I hated middle and high school.Clem's family was great. This is the first story that I've read in a while that has two parents that are in a happy relationship. That was refreshing. I enjoyed reading about Clem's little sister, Olive. (Her parents must be obsessed with food!) Olive also seemed much younger than her supposed ten years. They all support and seriously love Clem. They understand that no matter what Clem does, they will always love her. Nothing she can do will make them hate her or think she is a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes and her family really understands that.James is great. He is the perfect guy for Clem, at this point in her life. He really brings out the best in her and makes her happy. He makes me happy, too! He is an amazing guy and I would love to have him as a friend. Plus, he's a ginger. Nothing is better than a redheaded love interest! He is a good comedic relief for this story, which has an angsty plot. This definitely wasn't my favorite book, but is a nice, short book that is sure to make anyone smile.