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The Last Echo - Kimberly Derting As seen on Ed and Em's ReviewsThe Last Echo, which is book three in the Body Finder series is just as terrifying and mysterious as the first.For the last one-hundred pages, I was on edge. My heart was pounding, my stomach was clenched and I could take my eyes off of the pages. The writing is so phenomenal. Kimberly Derting really knows what she's doing. Every one of her book has kept my interest and my heart until the word in the last sentence on the last page. Every book, including this one, has left me needing more because they were so good that you wish they'd last forever.I love everything about this series… well, almost everything. There is one thing that I'm a little disgruntled over. There's a love triangle that's begun in this novel. It's not as severe as Bella, Edward and Jacob's, but it's there. One reason why I really loved the first two books in this series was because it was outside the norm of every other young adult novel out there. I swear, I can't pick up a book without there being a love triangle now-a-days.The suspence in this book was the same as in the others. It's utterly riveting and you have no idea what's going to happen next, until before you know it… you've completed the book. You're left contemplating this wild ride that the author takes you on. Violet is still a great character. She is very uncertain, with her feelings and what's going on around her. She is a very realistic character - besides the fact that she can see the auras of murderers and their victims. In this book, she frustrated me, yes, but I still really love her perspective and her in general. Jay is my favorite ever. I say that about a lot of boys, but in young adult paranormal stories, he's got to be one of the best boyfriends of all time. Again, Violet's parents are great. We see a lot of parents who are uninvolved in their children's lives more often than not in young adult books. So to see a character with parents who care for her and protect her and love her so much, is great. They are one of the best parts about these books. You don't see as much of Violet's friends in this one.By the end of this book, I was horrified and so sad for Violet. She has gone through so much in her young life and then they add on this. It's scary and terrifying and I'm so glad I'm not her.I don't know how Kimberly makes it seem so real. You don't just read about Violet's life, it's almost as though you, yourself are a part of it. The reader feels horrible for this friend of hers, because that's what Violet becomes, who goes through all of these ordeals and traumas. You want to comfort her, but you know that you can't, because she's not real. Poor us and poor Violet.This is one series you don't want to miss! Personally, I can't wait for book four. I adore this series and hope that Kimberly will make the next continuation as amazing as the ones that came before it.