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Fading - Cecilia Gray As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Book two in the Fallen Idols series is all about Mhaya and Marcus. I'll admit that I wasn't sure that I would like this one because of my intense hatred of Mhaya after the last book. Of course, she was written to be the bad guy in the last book, but Cecilia Gray intends to redeem her in this book.I'm a sucker for romance. In fact, I very rarely read a book that doesn't have some form of romance in it. Cecilia really has a knack for making you feel as you read. I can say this because before reading Fading, I loathed Mhaya. While I read, I started to sympathize with her and eventually cheer her on. I was shocked that my feelings toward the goddess changed because she is the same person as in the first book. It's because you see her perspective of everything that has happened to her and it causes you to understand. Eventually you want her to succeed and find happiness and love.This book was an adventure, both literally and figuratively. In my opinion, it was different from the first. Probably because the plot line was such a contrast. There are some details within the plot that are the same, but in my opinion this one had more of an adventure.I really enjoyed Mhaya's point-of-view. That's honestly how I would picture a goddess of her stature to act. My first thought as I read through her story was that she was like a trust fund baby who was forced to live without her parents money (i.e. Paris Hilton). But the way it was written really worked for the story.I really liked that the love in this story was not insta-love. That was a pet-peeve of mine in the first book, but in this one it's very gradual. AND SO SWEET AT THE END. My only complaint for this novella is that we didn't get to see Alexis or Jason at all. I missed them. A lot. But we get a bit of Laurie and she was as spunky as ever! We are also introduced to Harry and Beth. Beth is so sweet. I really enjoyed the tidbits of her point-of-view that we were given and would love to see more of her in the future. We didn't get to see much of Harry, but I know his role will grow as the series progresses.This is another series that I'm going to keep up with! I'm so, so, so excited to read the next chapter in the Fallen Idols series. I'm sure they will live up to my expectations seeing as how much as I enjoyed the first two books.