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The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Emily M. Danforth All of my friends on Goodreads, who have read this book have raved about it. I was expecting one of the best books I've ever read. But I was not immediately wowed by this book, I got nervous. My interest was piqued, but I by no means was obsessed. I couldn't stop reading it - read it in one sitting, but that was because I was waiting for something big to happen. Something that would blow my socks off, but that something never came.There was no "wow" factor for me. The pace was very slow and I never felt any real emotion from the narrator that I could connect with. I actually skimmed some parts of it, when I couldn't get into the book. I hate to admit to skimming because I feel like I'm degrading the author's work, but as my mind tired of some parts, my eyes wandered along.I loved the idea of the plot and the set up for the story. Since it was split up into sections of Cameron's life, you were able to watch as she developed into a woman and into her sexuality. I only wish that she had someone to support her and understand the her sexual preference is not a choice. We love who we love and that is that. I love the friends that Cameron makes in God's Promise, which is basically a camp from unwanted people. There is a former drug addict and many homosexuals in attendance. Cameron's friends, Jane and Adam, are great characters. They add comedy and also are great friends for Cam. I truly connected with Jane and Adam and would've loved more with them, even though there was a lot!I am a full supporter of gay rights and to see people so mistreated in this book because of there sexual orientation was horrifying to me. But so realistic. A friend of mine was actually sent to a camp like mentioned in this story. She hated it and it did nothing to change her. She knew who she was and I'm proud to say she was resilient. She and her partner have been together for three years now. This book does show the issues that homosexuals face(d) in the late twentieth century, that they are often still facing now. I was unsatisfied with a few things in the book. One: There was no closure with Jamie, Coley, Lindsay, Irene or even with Cameron's, the main character, family members. It is bothering me to not know what happened between them and if anything was ever resolve. Two: The ending. I didn't quite understand what was happening. Just where it left off. Before it left off, it was very moving and sad. I just didn't like where the book finished. It felt incomplete to me. I wanted more, I expected more. Three: The way the author introduces characters and makes them a part of Cameron's life only to have them leave and never be heard from again. It really bothered me. Even though they are in the story for long, I wanted more of them. I wanted Cameron to have someone to rely on and have constant support from.I enjoyed this book. It wasn't my favorite, but it was very good. The Miseducation of Cameron Post dealt with a very big and controlversial issue in a regal and realistic way. Based on the content, I also recommend this for older, mature young adults and adults.