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An Unsettled Range - Andrew  Grey As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!An Unsettled Range was in a word... cliche.The characters were cliche. The writing was tacky and cliche. The plot was cliche.I'm tired of gay cowboys, who don't read like they are actual cowboys. These characters were undeveloped and didn't seem like they could actually handle working on a farm. Even the animals on the farm really didn't feel like they should be a part of the story! I'm sorry, but I have never heard of a farm taking in lions and tigers. Exotic animals don't belong on a farm. They belong in the wild or a zoo.The characters… I don't know what to say. I didn't like any of them besides Jefferson. What an awesome old man. Many of the books that I have read about gay ranchers and cowboys include fathers who disown and abuse their children for being homosexual. It was great to read a book with a father who loved his son and his son's partner. And that was where the good of this novel ended. Wally was annoying. So very annoying. I couldn't stand him. I never really understood what any of the characters besides Wally, Jefferson, Dakota, Troy and Liam had to do with anything. In fact, I continuously got them all confused.The novel also progresses too quickly. Why is it that gay men always fall in love in five seconds? I can understand fast attraction, but love? REALLY. The overall message in this story is sweet, but it just wasn't written the right way, at least for my taste. There is barely any angst and it solves itself very quickly. That may be my real issue with it. Everything was over simplistic, from the way the book is written to the way the situations are dealt with.There were major grammar issues in the book. I have grown up with the title of "grammar Nazi." I was instilled with proper grammar pretty much from the time I learned to talk. So if your novel has bad grammar, I will get annoyed and lose interest. That happened with this book.An Unsettled Range just wasn't what I was expecting from the blurb. And having heard of only good things about Andrew Grey, I was disappointed that I didn't enjoy this at all. I don't think I'll read anymore of his work. It just wasn't for me.