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Jessica Rules the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Jessica Rules the Dark Side is a great sequel to a Beth Fantaskey's debut novel, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.I really enjoyed this book! I absolutely loved the first book. It was so angsty and pretty much ruined my nerves for every other book, ever. This was much less angsty and I'll admit, I didn't love it as much as the first. This one was much less about romance and more about Jessica filling in her role as Princess.Jessica really develops into a mature woman in this novel. She is an even better character than in the first one. She stands up for what's right and puts her duty as a leader above all. I was very proud of her. Even though her love for Lucius is what makes her strong and keeps her going, she uses that love to rule vampires in a world that she has not been a part of very long. Basically, she's freaking awesome.Her friend, Mindy, is another matter entirely. Reading from her perspective really annoyed me. She speaks like a valley girl, which is strange since both she and Jessica were from a town in Pennsylvania. I adore her love interest, but not her. Raniero is so sweet. His backstory is horrible, but the way he is able to overcome it makes me happy.The men in this story tell their point-of-view through letters to each other, which is very interesting, but gets their points across. I thought it was a neat idea pulled off very well through Ms. Fantaskey's writing. She's a great author and I've really enjoyed everything she has written.I want there to be another book, so that Jessica and Lucius can have babies and be cute and stuff. I seriously love them. They are freaking sweet! They love each other so much and have gone through so much together. It's great that they are able to put their job as rulers above their love though. That is what their people need. Overall, this book didn't hold my attention like the first one, but it is still very good and easily enjoyed by those who liked the first one. I will definitely be reading what ever Beth Fantaskey is writing next!