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Green Angel - Alice Hoffman As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!Green Angel has the most interesting writing style. I've never read anything like it before.The book kept my interest the whole time. It's somewhat of a slow read for such a short book. The author writes the most amazing atmosphere, I was able to visualize everything in the novel from the character, to her family, to the garden she spends her life in.Green has lost her family and literally shuts down. She blames herself because she was angry at them before they left for the city and since she didn't say goodbye to them, they did not return. This belief isn't true, but she is overcome with grief and has no other explanation than to blame herself. She begins to change from who she was before the incident occurred. She tattoos her body, cuts of her lovely hair and hides in her home away from people and away from light.It's so sad to read about her desperation to join her family. She is truly broken. Though she is so strong, she might not see it or believe it, but her ability to take of herself and not be thwarted by the actions and deceptions of others makes her very strong.As I read the novel, I felt like it was more like a fantasy novel based in another world than one that starred on Earth. The way the people acted and the stature of the cities and towns just didn't seem Earthly to me. I really enjoyed it.This was a great book. A short read great for a relaxing day. It was honest and saddening. You could feel the emotions coming off of the pages. There is no good way to explain this book. It was excellent. I will definitely be reading more of Alice Hoffman's work.