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First Time, Forever - K.C. Burn As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!4/5 Stars!The writing was a bit choppy for my taste, but the plot and the characters made this a great story!It was hard to determine a time frame because of the changes in point-of-view. That was a struggle for me, not because I purposely keep track of novels day-by-day, but because in the back of my mind, I'm usual figuring it out. Blame it on those annoy instant love young-adult novels!I wish there had been more interactions between Luke, Trevor and Derrik. I wanted to see way more of Luke's childhood with two dads. It would've been sweet to have some flashbacks of that and of the beginning of Trevor and Derrik's relationship.I loved Trevor and Derrik together. They were really sweet and completely adorable. It was great to read about a couple that wasn't "in their prime." Most authors write about characters in their mid-twenties and ones that think constantly about sex. It was really refreshing and very realistic.This books made me really see how frustrating boys are. They say girls cause too much drama. No matter what gender boys are in a relationship with, they always manage to disrupt the balance. Boys, here is a good life lesson: Communication is key! Talk to your partner if something is wrong! No one likes secrets!There are a few flaws in the characters and parts of the plot were far-fetched, but that didn't stop me from loving it! Trevor and Derrik were so sweet together. I adored their relationship (after everything worked out, that is). They really love each other. They put their relationship above all else, besides their son, Luke, who they dote on.This was a short, sweet and romantic story that was a great read!