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Bitter Harvest - Kim Knox As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!1.5/5 StarsLet me start off by saying, I hate writing bad reviews. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't enjoy trashing an authors work. There are points where my frustration takes over, but I like to believe that I am just giving some constructive criticism. How it is interpreted is up to those who read my reviews.So, onward!I didn't like or understand this book very much. There were a few part sparkled in that I enjoyed, but overall? Major disappointment.All the character Rider talks about is the men and women that he has slept with. Like it's something to be proud of. It really, really turned me off of the book. I'm not favorable to characters who treat sex like a sport. Mostly because I like it when sex between the characters really means something. Rider made it seem like a game to be played. It annoyed me and just made me angry. He was crass and rude, yet the main character is still obsessed with him. I almost stopped right there, but my biggest pet peeve is having unfinished books, so I continued.As I read the story, my feeling did not change. I still couldn't stand the main character's love interest and I began to lose the will to read this book. Good thing it is very short. Even finishing the book, I couldn't give it more than two stars. I didn't understand how Sutton and Rider could be a couple. They were ill-suited. Their relationship didn't make sense to me. It was mostly because I didn't like Rider. He was so obnoxious and insincere. I couldn't tell if he actually had feelings for Sutton or not. He used sex as a weapon and I couldn't stand how smug he was all the time.I didn't mind Sutton. He was kind of boring, but I liked him much better than his partner. The story felt really slow because of his point-of-view. I hated how Rider was able to take advantage of him. To me, Sutton just seemed to be another body for him to sleep with. It was sad to read Sutton saying he loved Rider, when Rider didn't seem to have the same feelings.The plot was also really strange. It could've been awesome, if there was more background and details. I didn't understand all of the elements in the plot. If the book had been longer, with more explanation and character development on Rider's part, I think I would've really enjoyed it.