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The Other Life - Susanne Winnacker As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!2 Stars!I love dystopian novels. Ever since I read The Hunger Games, I will devour any dystopian themed book that I can get my hands on. When this appeared on Netgalley, I grabbed at it immediately.I'm really disappointed, to be honest. The writing is well done, but I could never connect with the main character, Sherry. The way that her life was all numbers and little emotion was hard to with. The idea of counting the days and minutes of specific points in her life is a neat idea, but it needed more. It needed an expansion. The author should've talked about her emotions and why she felt compelled to count everything. What was happening within her psyche as the world around her crumble. By the end of the story, I felt like I didn't know Sherry at all. Not only was Sherry a mystery, but we didn't know any of the characters. The only character we see as much as Sherry is Joshua, who doesn't fit in the book very well in my opinion. I had trouble reading his character, but at least we got a view of him. We see so little of the other characters that all I really know about them are their names. There was a lot that could've been said. We don't know their stories very well. I wish we could've gotten to know them.This book needs some serious expansion. If it was longer and explained more, it would've been a great book. There are parts that are so rushed that I got confused. "Did Joshua and Sherry kiss or not?" "What are the signs of impending rabies?" "What was that character's name again?" I asked myself a lot of questions as I read, which made it even harder to concentrate.There was nothing in this book that really stood out for me. It was a general dystopian novel. Average. There was no "WOW" factor for me. That was very disappointing, because it was hard to do anything but generalize it because of that. I like dystopian novels for their suspense and their unique twists. This book didn't not have either of those in my opinion.And the end didn't seem like a good point to stop at. It seemed more like the end of a chapter. It was so abrupt. I was pretty annoyed because we have no sense of what is going to happen next. It wasn't even a real cliffhanger, just a stopping point.I will have to wait until the blurb for the next book is released before I decide whether I will be continuing the series. I have hope that the author will be able to pull the book around, because there is a lot of potential.