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Ember - Bettie Sharpe As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5 StarsThis was pretty good. Very original concept. An adult, original and creative twist on a beloved fairytale. It kept my interest for the entire story and I read it in one sitting. And I love, love, love the cover. It is what drew me in in the first place. It's gorgeous and works with the content inside of the novel. It is one of my favorite covers ever. The design is so intriguing and beautiful.It's a fast read. It has some angst, which I enjoyed. And the characters are overall likable, even the "step-sisters," which was very interesting. I have never read a Cinderella based story where the step-sisters are kind and are good friends with the protagonist.There were a few errors in grammars, which were blatant to me, making parts hard to read. And it was a bit too graphic. I'm all for erotica, but I don't think I expected what was written in this novel. It's not quite erotica, but not tame enough to be considered a normal romance.I was also annoyed with the plot "twist." It was obvious from the moment it was brought up. It's a very common twist in novels. From the moment it occurred, I knew what was going to happen, which really stunk. The blatantness made the reveal less enjoyable, at least for me.It was a great short story, especially for the price that it is being sold at. I recommend it to adult fairytale lovers for sure! I think it will be really enjoyable for those that aren't faint of heart!