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Dead Run - Josh Lanyon 4/5 Stars!Dead Run is great, to put it simply.I love Josh Lanyon's work. I have loved pretty much everything that I've read by him. Dead Run is no exception. It has the perfect amount of mystery, action, romance and angst. So. Much. Angst.Will and Taylor's relationship is really complicated and totally frustrating. I love them together so much though. They are so cute and you can read how much they love each other within a few words. I swooned so much! BUT REALLY? BOYS ARE SO DUMB. There is a lot of angst that could've been avoided, if Will and Taylor had just been honest with each other. I love angst, so I'm okay with how it worked out, but I'm just saying.I should've reread the other books before starting this one because I didn't remember much of the plot that came before this. That fact made it hard to get into at first, but even then I couldn't put the book down.The plot bored me a bit in some parts. I'll admit that I did some skipping, but not very much. I'm just not a huge fan of political thrillers, so when that part of the book got really heated, I had trouble reading it. Not because it was written badly, because that's not it at all. I only skimmed those parts because those are not the books that I usually read and enjoy. The author writes them very well, very realistically. And the twist in this book? Guh. I think my heart broke. Literally. It really added to the angst! I never saw it coming. Those are best kind of twists, too. Mr. Lanyon really knows how to hook his readers! Especially with the end. I never saw that coming, but it made me unbelievably happy! Will and Taylor may be my favorite couple that Josh Lanyon has written!I can't wait for the next book in this series. Josh says on his Facebook page that it should be released in 2013! What's in store next for Will and Taylor?