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Starters - Lissa Price As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!It's more like 3.5 stars, but I'm rounding up.This started off very interesting, it didn't really have all of my attention at first, but I was intrigued.As for flaws, I really didn't like the list of "rules" that are shown to Callie when she is going over the job that she is about to take with the Enders. It was very short and didn't seem realistic to me. It was unprofessional and didn't include a lot of things that should be included. So that immediately made me wary. Also, the fact that the company that is doing this hasn't be caught or well-known is strange to me. In a world with only people younger than 20 and older than 60, you'd think that if there was a way for the Enders to be young again, everyone would know and try to get a chance to start over. And Helena was a confusing character for me. Everything that happened to Callie was just very strange.The idea of how the world changed in this novel was really weird. It didn't make sense to me that only old people and young ones would get the vaccine. And why was there so little of it? There were just a lot of things that left me curious and never seemed to get answered for me. But the entirety of the novel was very unique and great.I felt that some of the book was messy. It was a little forced and blocky. So it made the beginning very hard to get into, but as the book developed, I really enjoyed it.I liked Callie a lot. She put herself through hell and back to save her brother. Her love for him keeps me in awe. Tyler is so sweet. Blake is a pretty cool character. His relationship with Callie happened a little too quickly for my taste, but overall I liked them together. I loved Michael. So, so much. We don't see him much in this book, but he's still just awesome. He really cares for Callie and Tyler. He's a great friend to them.This book is crazy. It is a very wild ride. There are plot twists that I could've never expected. Those are the best books. I am excited to read the next one. Thank God, Ms. Price is releasing it in 2012. I don't think I could wait much longer than that!