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Wait for Me - Elisabeth Naughton Review as seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5 StarsThis book had the most interesting concept. From the moment I read the blurb, I was excited for it. For the most part, it didn't let me down. You don't expect what's under the cover. It has more mystery and action than I expected. But it really worked for the novel.There characters were okay. I liked the ending relationship between Ryan and Katie, but I didn't like them separately. Katie was too unsure for me. And not just about the situation that she was put in. I just couldn't get into her character and enjoy her side of the story. And Ryan... Oh Ryan, he was sexy in his own way, but even at the end of the book, he still seemed like a real jerk with very few redeeming qualities.Reed and Julia were cute. Julia annoyed me a lot with the way she treated Katie, but I enjoyed her sass with her father and Mitch. She really loved them and you could really read that in their interactions. Reed was just too adorable and I loved him. What really made this story for me was Mitch. He had all the funny lines and really took the edge off. He was a great guy and a good addition to the story. I don't know that I would have liked the book nearly as much as I had if Mitch hadn't been in it. He was a great big brother and friend. I wish I had someone in my life like him. He really cares about his family and friends. And his side story was really good, too. I wish we could have seen more from him, Simone and Shannon. They didn't play as big of a role as I'd of liked.I didn't like the cover, but the blurb really drew me in. I'd never read a story like this and it was pulled off really well. The plot was unique and kept my interest the whole time. I read this in one sitting because there was something at every point that I had planned on putting the book down that kept me reading. I enjoyed reading it and may read more of Ms. Naughton's work.